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I've come to introduce you to a new feature that will be a sensation! 

A project to create an original application

A video game for School, children and families

The "My Torah Kids" application is designed to transmit our History, since the Creation of the world - the Paracha Beréchit - in a fun, varied and intuitive way. 

Our ambition: to transmit our history through: 

  • Games
  • Animations
  • For a fun, varied and intuitive education
  • To create moments of family sharing.
  • To acquire and transmit knowledge of our history through play.
  • With a complete, clear, simple and adapted program

The structure: 

• Adapted to the age & level of the child (AI)

• With animations & texts read aloud (Multi-lingual) 
• A follow-up of the parents
(timer, report of the content visited...)
• To know our history in its chronology
• To learn the basics of the Hebrew language (reading, writing, vocabulary...)
• To discover the sciences: planets, animals, nature...

Fun part:

• Drawings, puzzles
• Games adapted to History (creation, runner)
• 2D and 3D
• QUIZ: alone or with several people
• Animations
• Special Missions

"My Torah Kids" is a collective project, designed to be easy to use and to serve the entire family.


Our aim is to accompany the daily lives of children of all ages and their families with activities, games, songs and animated Bible stories. 

"My Torah Kids" answers the big questions of children of all ages. So that our dear little heads can be built, discover the world and grow up with solid foundations.

Designed and written by a competent and multidisciplinary team. 
Developers, Designers, School Directors, Teachers, Educators, Rabbis, Translators...



The application is a project of the "My Edu Kids" collection aimed at awakening the child's senses from an early age.

"My Torah Kids" will only be operational after receiving the help of each of us, for whom understands the importance of educating our children in a way that respects the values of Judaism.

Why contribute?
We want to create this compatible application on Android and IOS, smartphones and tablets but we can't do it alone, without you!
This project aims to fill a gap because there are few playful Jewish applications today, and we want to meet the needs of families. 

And if we have the chance, not to reach, but to exceed our goal, then we can insert additional elements into the application like adding Parachiot to complete the 5 books of the Houmach...

This means more games and animations for the awakening and knowledge of our Torah. The application will be more complete and varied!
We are counting on you!

The children will say THANK YOU!!!!